Renewable energies development



PI System Automation is present in the renewable energy production sector through the integration and supervision of MV transformer and delivery substations.

Our MV cell (up to 36 KV), transformer, main LV distribution board and supervision turnkey integration solutions are designed for renewable energy plants (solar-wind-hydraulic, biomass) and also for the industrial and service industries sector.

Our services range from research to testing and start-up on-site:

  • Research and design of MV and LV substations
  • Enclosure research and design (concrete or metal)
  • Research and design of MV/LV monitoring and managing active and reactive power.
  • Turnkey integration of MV/LV delivery and transformer substations:
    • MV function blocks
    • MV/LV Transformers – step down or step up
    • Main LV Distribution Board
    • Centralised UPS
    • Monitoring
  • Integration of all your components in accordance with our implementation plans with your approval
  • Customer acceptance in the factory or on site
  • On-site protection tests in accordance with standard NFC 13-100 and disconnection from the energy distribution company such as Enedis or local utilities.
  • InformationExchange DeviceTestsofOn-site operations
  • On-site Monitoring start-up tests
  • On-site industrial tests and start-up

Depending on their installation, our substations comply with existing standards:

In France:

  • Energy distribution company C13100-certified delivery substation in prefabricated concrete
  • Transformer substation in prefabricated concrete, C13200-certified aluminium enclosures and MV containers


  • Delivery substation in prefabricated concrete, MV/LV metal enclosures and containers
  • Transformer substation in prefabricated concrete, MV/LV metal enclosures and containers

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