Guided Networks



What is the Boggieguard Ways range ?

It is a set of products specifically developed by the PI System Automation teams for the guided networks sector, in particular for heavy and light rail services, trams etc.

An original PI System Automation product, the Boggieguard system is a pressure monitoring solution for tyres and rolling stock shoe gear on guided networks.

This high tech equipment ensures the durability of your equipment and investments by detecting problems early and by limiting maintenance requests on trains as much as possible.

Location and diagnostics

On the one hand our system measures the pressure of each tyre on the railway track and the guide rails, and on the other, it checks the condition of the shoe gear contact of each boggie. It combines and saves this data and runs a diagnostics test on these safety parts on every tyre and every train.


If BOGGIEGUARD detects any kind of boggie fault, a signal is sent to:

  • signalling (electronic safety interface)
  • the centralised control room via electronic communication.

The fault is then dealt with by the line manager.

BoggieGuard Central System

Connected to the various Boggieguard line systems, the Central System manages the following functions:

  • Archives all data history for several years
  • Guarantees no loss of data
  • System with High Availability guaranteeing continuous service
  • Full compatibility with the Boggieguard fleet

This scalable IT system can interface with your infrastructures to provide you with all the data generated by the Boggieguard systems in realtime and in complete safety.

Why choose Boggieguard Ways products

Because their performance is highly regarded by all our customers:

  • Level of availability greater than 99%,
  • Rate of false detection (false alerts) less than 0.5%,
  • Measurement accuracy can achieve ± 0.5 bar,
  • Huge reduction in maintenance requests for a transport system.

This tool is compatible with all current rolling stock and with vehicles travelling up to 100 Km/H, thereby reducing your maintenance time.

For complete peace of mind across your network, choose our Boggieguard solution!

Immediate and permanent profit. The Boggieguard is compatible with your current centralised control rooms and can interface with the metro signalling already in place. You will therefore make significant savings in terms of equipment and operation while keeping your central IT infrastructure in place.

With Boggieguard monitoring, you can ensure the safety of all your stakeholders, personnel and users and also guarantee a constant flow of traffic. You therefore have trackabilty and fault storage.

This solution, tested and approved for 30 years (Paris, Lyon, Santiago), is user-friendly and scalable. As a result, it is open to technologies used in your infrastructures (secure TCP/IP communication, SNMP network monitoring, web interfaces)

You can access all your fleet information from any point in the network. Our Boggieguard solution gives you increased flexibility, interactivity and availability, because from now on you can schedule and measure your fleet’s actions in realtime.


With Boggieguard’s permanent 24 hours monitoring and diagnostics systems, servicing operations and risks to users, personnel and equipment are massively reduced.

Data is stored on Flash drives.

This smart solution can recognise the type of tyre (memory map) and can easily detect slow pressure losses.


The data collected in realtime is reliable and accurate (train identification and consist).

The information is collected from the Linux operating system. Ergonomic interfaces make data analysis as easy as possible.

In addition, these analyses can be customised by exporting the data in Excel format.

Tracking and monitoring is safeguarded using database storage (Postgrès).


Boggieguard is compatible with any data processing architecture.

We schedule and plan our servicing operations. Therefore we can optimise the availability of our fleet.

Data is also available and accessible in realtime. You can do this anywhere on the customer network via password protected and authorised substations.

The system interface can be used for any application (manager, train maintenance, system maintenance).

Therefore, this consolidates all tools and all stakeholders.

The system can be configured remotely.

The centralised control room and driver’s station interchanges travel via dedicated transmission lines.


We offer you a global and turnkey solution including installation, training and maintenance.

Boggieguard is a flexible and scalable technology. In fact, it is possible to include additional systems (jig control, signal management, etc.). This system can optimise the amount of equipment to maintain.

Our solution helps you optimise the management of your tyre fleet and its service life. While also minimising spare part storage.

Our system helps you reduce the need for on-site support teams and saves time without increasing rolling maintenance costs.